Galleria Art Festival – The least exclusive and most exotic arts festival

What is Galleria?

Galleria Art Festival –Norways longest gallery – aims to establish contacts with artists worldwide, and through this exchange knowledge and competence of visual arts and related topics. The festival will contribute to inspiration and innovation and the development of creativity – for both old and young. Galleria has a goal to increase understanding and interest for arts and creativity and wants to put focus on the role of culture in the society.

Norways longest gallery

Galleria Art festival was originally an artist-run initiative, initiated by visual artists to present their own and others projects. By now Galleria has developed into a cultural summer festival with which includes art exhibitions and numberous  conserts and other performances.

The basic idea behind the Galleria Art Festival is to create a place where the young amateur has the ability to meet established artists from around the world. The exhibitors are mainly ment to be present so that children and young amateurs can exhibit next door, and on equal footing with renowned artists.

Galleria uses the slogan ”Norways longest gallery” due to the fact that you have to take your shoes for a walk over a distance of 7-800 meters to watch the exhibitions.

Galleria is arts without filter

Everyone can initially set participate – that’s what makes this an exotic popular and memorable cultural event. Galleria Art Festival stands out from many other festivals and art venues. Although there are few restrictions on artistic participation it is simultaneously important to have a wide range of qualities of the various exhibits.

As a cultural event Galleria Art Festival has become a huge success. Most of the participating artists sign up uninvited, based on rumors of a unique and exciting festival, which also has great potential to achieve good sales. Audiences flock to to enjoy and buy art in the unique surroundings and environment.

The festival takes place in the old town of Mosjoen – in “Sjøgato”. All available rooms and spaces are used for exhibitions – from established galleries to boathouses and alleyways, garages and shop windows. The venues are situated in by the river Vefsna at the foot of the mighty mountain “Øyfjellet” (rices 818 meters above sea level). This provides a unique atmosphere and great experience for both artists and the audience.

Non-traditional exhibitions, music and performance in the streets are part of making the Galleria into a social happening and experience for both artists and the audience. Emphasis will be placed on developing the social aspect with various cultural performances, seminars, etc.

In 2011 the Galleria occurred for a week, 9th – 16th of July. On the program were over 70 artists’ names in 30 different exhibition points. In 2012, the festival appears to be greater than ever.

All exhibits in the Galleria Art Festival are free to visit and the artists them selves takes care of potential sales without interference from the festival management. Based on the collected information, it is estimated that in 2011 there were about 10,000 visitors through the week. In addition to the approximately 5,000 who attended the “moody festivity” that ended the cultural days of Galleria.

Throughout the week there were also daily concerts and theater – indoor and outdoors, daytime and night. There was organized art exhibitions combined with performance and also performed live graffiti painting. The children had their own childrens day of sculpture making and painting.

Galleria has its own short film festival for local and invitational moviemakers. In addition, there are various lectures and art courses. Every year there is an auction with art of festival artists, from where the profit goes to “lottery equivalent” purposes.

In 2010, the world’s longest graphic print was produced under the Galleria Art Festival. The piece ended up 185.5 meters long and was printed using a tarmac roller.

Galleria also include features that are peculiar. Like for instance The Inventors Office, a creative creative element of excess that shows examples and models of hopeless inventions.

Galleria Art Festival has gradually rooted well in Helgeland – not least among the public. We also see that the festival position throughout the region have been strengthened in recent years. Artists from Scandinavia is represented and the audience are coming from all over Europe. Many are annual regulars and have put the festival into their travel and vacation plans.