Galleria Art Festival

Present your works at The Galleria Art Festival
Sjøgata, Mosjøen, Norway, 8th – 15th of Juli 2017

Galleria Art Festival, “the longest Gallery i Norway”, took place for the first time in 2006. The old tree houses in the historical part of Mosjøen in northern Norway contain among other stores, galleries, dwellings, restaurants, museum and so on. This environment makes some picturesque surroundings for art, artists and spectators. The exhibition opportunities might be a traditional art gallery space in appearance or function, or it may have a markedly different and distinctive approach limited only by the artist’s themselves. Such as old sea houses or even a garage.
Galleria Art festival was originally an artist-run initiative, run by visual artists to present their and others projects. By now Galleria has developed into a cultural summer festival which also includes lots of conserts and other performances

This is a festival and can not be compared with an exhibition in an ordinary gallery. There is no commission or share of any kind of a prospective sale, the whole sales amount goes to the artist. Galleria Art Festival charge a small fee for the works to be exhibited. For this we take care of all advertising, marketing and publicity.

The works can be sold straight from the wall as long as new works are intalled at the freed up space.

The Galleria Art Festival is to be be a source of excitement, inspiration and creativity for people of all ages from around the world.

This vision should make Galleria Art Festival to the most exciting festival of visual expression and impression in Norway.

Under the slogan arts without filters the vision will be supported by a wide range of arts and cultural experiences.

Galleria Art Festival will:

  • Let children and youth and amateur artists get their art exhibit next to internationally renowned artists
  • Present a wide program of good quality and mood for the crowds
  • Be a social meeting place for artists and audiences from all over the world
  • Provide quality exhibitions with artists on an international level
  • Increasing interest and recognition for arts and culture
  • To inspire the creation of creative and cultural industries

Part of the Galleria is hosting seminars, workshops, lectures mm. There are also special programs for children and youth with “Galleria young, pointing at youngsters and kids.

We are happy to accept input and suggestions in the planning of the art festival for 2016.

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